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preemie clothes or NICU Clothing

for a premature baby cannot be considered as an easy task and it causes some anxiety among parents. You will not be able to dress your premature babies with regular-sized infant clothes. Baby Stuff assist you to pick the best clothes for your premature baby while staying away from hassle. preemie baby clothes from Baby Stuff are very cute and comfortable and designed in a way to dress and undress easy. Choose from our wide selection of beautiful, protective, stylish and affordable preemie and NICU Clothing.

Preemie Clothes

Below are some steps that you can follow when

choosing preemie clothes

. There are three important factors while deciding to

purchase preemie baby clothes


1. Sizing – This can be considered as the most perplexing issue that parents have to face when choosing preemie clothes. You will not be able to find any industry standards that define the size of baby clothes. Therefore, manufacturers tend to label their clothing under different size tags. Therefore, parents should focus their attention towards quantitative sizing and qualitative sizing. In quantitative sizing, you will need to analyze the length and weight of your premature baby and go for the best suitable size. Usually, the smallest preemie clothing are designed to fit babies who are in between 25 to 45 centimeters. They are suitable for babies who are under 2.7kg in weight. If you shop online, you can visit the official website of selected manufacturer and look for the sizing standards. If you don’t prefer to employ length and weight based reference when selecting preemie clothes, you can think of qualitative sizing. The manufacturers usually categorize preemie clothes under different labels as tiny, preemie, prem and premature. You can have a look at the labels and get a better understanding about the specific size dimensions that are indicated by these labels.

2. Materials – It is important to choose comfort over style when purchasing

preemie baby clothing

. Your premature baby will have an extremely delicate skin and it will be susceptible to irritations. As a result, most of the preemie clothes that are available in the market are made out of cotton as it delivers both absorbency and comfort. However, the thickness of the clothes differ from one to another and you need to buy them according to temperature changes. You should also check whether the preemie clothes that you buy have “100% organic” label, since that are not associated with any harsh chemicals.

3. Safety – It is your duty to protect the premature baby from hidden dangers that are associated with preemie clothing. If you don’t pay your attention towards this fact, your baby would have to suffer from irritation or it can cause your premature baby to choke. You should not buy premature clothes that have sewn on buttons since they can fall off from the garment. Other decorative details such as bows and pom-poms can also cause danger to your baby. If there are loose threads along the seam line, your baby’s toes or fingers might get snagged. If you can’t find any

preemie baby clothing

that are not associated with these dangerous elements, you need to trim them away before it is worn by your baby. Then you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind since you know that your baby is safe.

We know that as a parent some days can be easily overwhelming. Being busy all the time attending to the home, children, and the bills can have its toll. But even with all this we are expected to put ourselves together and be presentable for others. The commitment and responsibility can be tiring over time but that’s why it is necessary to take some time to relax a bit. It could be getting a massage, reading a poetry book, or browsing our online selection of the cutest trends for preemie clothing. Preemie Clothing were never shabbier.
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