3 Tier Original Ultimate Diaper Cake

3 Tier Original Ultimate Diaper Cake


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Created for our company, we are delighted to present this wonderful gift to our customers! This gift is sure to impress and makes the perfect baby shower centerpiece or gift for the parents of a newborn baby. What makes it especially fitting, is that all of the items that make up the diaper cake are completely useable. So mom will appreciate this gift for a while. 

The original ultimate diaper cake is made with 81 premium newborn disposal diapers. It also includes the sweetest bonus for mommy--The cake is topped with a removable sock corsage that mommy can wear proudly. In addition to the diapers and corsage, this gift includes cute little baby themed toys as well as 2 pair of the most darling newborn socks. 

Gift will be delivered expertly wrapped as shown above.

Lead Time: Diaper cakes will typically ship within 2-3 business days, please remember to allow an additional 2-4 business days for delivery time. Express shipping is available but will still require 2 business days to process and 2 business days for shipping.