Personalized Original Dakin Lovie Domino Dog

Personalized Original Dakin Lovie Domino Dog


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They're back! One of the most popular baby items ever sold is available once again! The original Dakin Lovie by Applause is still a favorite and a must have for every newborn baby. 

Lovie baby security blankets have been America's favorite embroiderable baby security blanket since 1991. Lovie are 24" x 14" plush security character blankets that are known for their fine fleece and super soft satin trims that can be personalized. 

The Domino Dog is a great looking Dalmatian lovie in black and white with a bright red bow. The bright red coordinating thread used for the personalization makes this the stand out of the bunch! Lovies are made of ultra-soft fleece and have a satin heart and edging.