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A brand-new life.  What could be a better cause for celebration?  When a woman finds out she is pregnant she might feel nervous about her pregnancy and the challenges of becoming a mother but she also feels excitement and a growing connection with the life inside her.  The tradition of a baby shower evolved out of a desire to celebrate that with the mother and acknowledge the momentous event of becoming a mother, whether it is the first time or not.   Baby showers function as both celebration and a way to give the expectant mother the things she will need to care for her new baby. 

                When it comes time for the baby’s arrival in the world that is another occasion for celebration.  The joy that comes from seeing a precious infant gives us hope for the future and a belief in things to come.  As family and friends gather together to see the baby and support the parents it becomes another occasion for gifts.  Each visitor would like to give a special gift that will be useful.  They would also like to give a special gift such as a teddy bear that will be treasured and go everywhere with the baby. 

                At baby-stuff we know how important it is to our customers to find just the right gift to celebrate a new baby or other important occasions such as holidays or milestones like a first birthday.  That is why we work hard to find the best baby products for you.  We also work hard at crafting beautiful and memorable baby baskets that make wonderful gifts.  Our team of baby professionals is there for you.  They will help you put together a personalized basket that will be almost as adorable as the baby it is meant for!