Baby's First Penny Keepsake Favor

Baby's First Penny Keepsake Favor


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2009 pennies only! Sweet keepsake for baby and mom, OR to give as a shower favor for each guests. Each card has a penny with a pastel bow. Suitable for little boys, girls or when its still a surprise! Includes this touching poem: 

Baby's First Penny
Here's baby's first penny,
So shiny, bright and new,
Just staring out in life
Like newborn babies do.
It's meant to bring good fortune
During the years that lie ahead.
To be treasured as a keepsake 
Until your child is wed.
Then on that day most special,
With "something old and new,"
The bride is meant to carry
A lucky penny in her shoe.
Whether she should be your daughter
Or your son�s intended wife,
The promise of good fortune
Will charm their married life. 

Makes a great item for the wishing well at the baby shower!