25 "Baby Shower Guests" Prayer Cards

25 "Baby Shower Guests" Prayer Cards


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Scatter on tables at the shower or slip in Thank You cards to let friends and family know their love and good wishes are appreciated. The laminated prayer cards come in handy packs of 25. 

The text of the prayer cards read as follows:

Loving Thoughts for My Baby Shower Guests

I'm so happy you are here at this shower held for me. 

I'm not yet here in person, but I'm glad my mom can be. 

I know that she appreciates your friendship and your care, 

(and also all the baby stories people love to share)! 

The darling baby presents are all that we'll be needing ... 

for washing, drying, dressing, sleeping, diapering and feeding! 

I hope that when I do arrive you'll visit for awhile ... 

I'll coo and gurgle just for you, 

and smile my brightest smile!