Selecting baby clothes for your newborn

Selecting baby clothes for your newborn

One of the most important time of your life comes when you become a parent. It is filled with excitement, positive stress, anxiety, duties and care. You wish to give the newborn the best care, best of clothes and everything under your control.

Regarding clothes for new born baby, you will be getting a lot as gifts. You may require to purchase some clothes too. So, be judicious. Also, you must know the clothes needed for your new born baby.

Here, there is enumerated a few clothes that you will utilize for your new born baby:

1. Onesies

These are one-piece cotton cloth. There may be available in short as well as long sleeves and are the staple of a baby’s wardrobe.

2. Infant gowns

Long gowns that close at the bottom keep your baby’s feet warm and make diaper changes easier. Some gowns have mittens attached to protect your baby from scratching herself.

3. Socks

Take care to keep socks worn by your new born baby to loose enough to wiggle his toes. Don’t put shoes; only socks will serve the purpose as your baby will not be able to stand.

4. Hats/caps

Whether you are indoors or out, always put hats and caps on your baby’s head. It will keep the baby warm and cozy.

5. Blanket

The newborn baby needs to be kept warm and you are required to wrap him/her in the small blanket. It maintain his/her body temperature. No part of body of your baby be kept exposed so cover the full body from top to bottom.

6. Tees

The tees are preferred by some people because it don’t go over the head which usually happens in the case of onesies. You may use gown over the tees.

7. Pants

Though it is not much needed for a new born baby, but you can buy pants. Take care that it is of thick cotton. The waist has to be stretchy and of soft material.

8. Winter Coat or Sweaters

If your baby is born in winter season, she/he needs at least one warm outerwear. Here, winter coat or sweaters will work.


You must be aware that only giving the good clothes is not mandatory for your baby. It has be neat and hygienic. So, while washing the baby clothes, use dettol or similar disinfectant liquid to sanitize the clothes. Never, let your baby wear a new cloth without washing.

You need to have to change the dress of your baby very frequently during infancy. Hence, you may a have the clothes for your new born baby in sufficient quantity. Having all these enjoy yourself as being parents.