What to Put in Baby Gift Baskets

What to Put in Baby Gift Baskets

It seems that everyone is having a baby lately. Which is great! But it also means shopping for baby gifts, lots of baby gifts. If you’re tired of buying the same old gifts of clothes, blankets, and toys, putting together a baby gift basket is an excellent alternative. Gift baskets are not only a unique gift for expectant mothers, they also give you the opportunity to be creative and thinking outside the typical baby gift box.

Why Baby Gift Baskets?
Using a gift basket gives you the opportunity to choose the size of your gift. Because baskets come in a variety of sizes, you can decide if you want to go small, you can. But you can also go really, really big. And, the first part of the gift is the basket! New moms will need all the extra storage space they can get and a gift basket won’t just be something to present the gift in, but something helpful.

Baby baskets work perfectly, especially if you don’t know the gender of the baby. You can stuff the basket full of amazing baby supplies, from lotions and shampoo to diaper cake and blankets. Toiletries are one thing that many baby shower goers overlook, but for which mothers will be most grateful. And new parents can never have too many diapers!
Because at most baby showers, guests are trying to provide the parents with things they need and cute clothing, baby gift baskets offer the opportunity to add a few things that might not be needed. This is why gift baskets are perfect for adding a few toys, for the future, books, and dolls. These might not be something a newborn can use immediately, but they will be used eventually, by parents who are happy not to have to buy the things themselves.
Another option for gift baskets that may be overlooked is bedding. Usually, bedding for the baby’s crib is overlooked and is very bulky to gift wrap. However, a gift basket is spacious enough that the bedding will slip right in, without any worries. And things like extra sheets and blankets are always welcome, since soiled laundry is a constant problem with babies. Decorative crib bumpers are also beneficial, and will be used for several years.

Special Items for Gift Baskets
Because gift baskets give you more space and creative license, not everything in the basket even has to be for the baby. If you’ve packed away everything you want, you might find yourself with more space. This is the perfect opportunity to get something special for the mother, apart from what you get for the baby. The baby shower is typically all about the baby, with good reason. But that doesn’t mean you need to exclude the mother! Give her some chocolates, massage oils, or bath salts, so she can spoil herself a little post-birth.

baby gift baskets are the perfect opportunity to provide a mother-to-be with all the essentials she may need now or in the near future. Plus, it gives you, the giver, an opportunity to be creative, giving your friend or family member a truly unique gift.